Ali Mills

“Namaste here and do yoga…”

Ali is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). I have taught in the fitness industry since 1999 and currently teach Monday nights at Skills Fitness. I started teaching aerobics in college because I was already attending all the classes and figured I might as well get paid for it! I completed my Bachelor of Arts in French and Health Education at Weber State University in 2001. I completed my Masters Degree in French Literature at the University of Utah in 2006. I currently teach French and Yoga at two High Schools in Salt Lake City.

I am passionate about health and fitness and have taught everything from step aerobics to spinning, BodyPump to BodyCombat, Boot Camp to High Intensity aerobics, and Pilates to Personal Training. I am also a certified foot zoner. While I love to teach and take all types of fitness classes and training, time and experience have taught me the importance of balancing the mind and body.

In the past, I often struggled with debilitating back pain for 23 years. Fitness in general helped relieve the mental and emotional stress connected to that pain, and Yoga was an important tool to help create a stronger mind/body connection, to feel physically strong and mentally calm, and to understand what my body was teaching me. Yoga has given me permission to stop trying so hard, to accept things as they are, and to work at my own level depending on that day.

As an instructor, I try to offer many levels in my classes, and I hope that those attending feel free to do what they can and leave the rest. I love teaching because it provides me an opportunity to help share health, fitness, and maybe even healing with those who attend my classes. 


  • Paddleboard Yoga, Stoked Yogi, 2014
  • 300 hour Yoga Teacher, Schole Yoga, 2014 
  • 500 hour RYT, Yoga Alliance (Infusion Yoga and Pilates Studio), 2009
  • 200 hour RYT, Yoga Alliance (Infusion Yoga and Pilates Studio), 2007
  • Mat Pilates, Infusion Yoga and Pilates Studio, 2007
  • NASM, Personal Trainer, 2006
  • LesMills BodyCombat, 2005
  • LesMills BodyPump, 2001
  • Yoga/Mat Pilates, Safax, 2000
  • Spinning, Johnny G., 2000
  • AFFA, Aerobics, 1999


  • Bountiful, UT


  • Weber State University
  • University of Utah