Allyson Adams

Allyson Adams, also known as "Ally-gum"," Ally-Berry", "Ally-cat"....has been teaching spin and RPM classes for over 15 years. She loves to get to know people from all backgrounds wherever she goes, especially the gym. She has a passion for food and nutrition, and how it affects the body. Her college degree is in Human Biology, and she continues to add to that knowledge base through avid reading and experimenting with food and recipes. She also is a devoted runner and has run many races in Utah including the St. George Marathon, Huntsville Half, and others. She is an active mother of three even more active boys who keep her constantly on the move--even though they are big boys now. After many years of hard work, she is reaping the rewards of a family that shares her love of fitness and healthy food, which she considers a huge bonus. Her favorite quiet moment (if she got the chance) would be sounds of ocean waves or light rain mixed with classical guitar music.