Chaney Packer

Chaney is a Group Fitness Instructor. As a former collegiate cheerleader, avid tennis player and gymnast, I have infused my love for sports training into helping others get stronger and become a better version of themselves. I have crossed trained for over 10 years and taught group fitness for the past 8. My passion is coaching LesMills GRIT because I get to watch people push themselves past their weaknesses and gain strength and mobility in their movements.  

After studying Exercise Science at Utah State, I married Michael Packer and we have 4 kids; 2 boys and twin girls. I have shared my love for the game of tennis and continue to play each week. I am able to watch my boys play competitive tennis and after coaching gymnastics for 19 years, I get to watch my twin girls share my love of that sport.  

I would play tennis every day if I could but being active and busy with my little family is my favorite thing to do.  


  • LesMills GRIT (Plyometrics, Strength & Cardio)
  • LesMills BodyStep


  • Boise, ID

Athletic Background:

  • Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • College Cheer
  • Cross Training
  • Fitness Modeling