Jenny Koehler

I have lost 50 pounds 3 times over until I discovered the secret of how to eat right and exercise. This new way of eating, increased my energy and helped me to feel better all around. I feel the best I have ever felt! This is why I am here. I want to be healthy and prevent injuries.

I received my bachelors in Public Health Education and Nutrition from Utah State University. Certified with NESTA at a gym in Washington, D.C. working with top fitness trainers. I have been training people for 15 years and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I worked on the Utah Hip Fracture study looking at how dietary protein affected the risk of osteoporotic hip fractures in aging residents in Utah. I collected 24 hr. nutritional recalls for 300 people. Interviewed people 50 yrs. and older. Analyzed data and did nutritional counseling.

Also participated in research that identified Folic Acid as a nutrient that contributed to cleft lip in the Philippine population.

Volunteered in Germany for the American Red Cross for 2 years reaching out to ages 50 and up.

Volunteered for the American Cancer Society educating groups on the importance of Early Detections of Breast and Cervical Cancer.

Volunteered for the Utah Health Department presenting seminars on Heart Disease and Stroke.