Jill Hirst

Jill Hirst is a Certified High Fitness instructor and has been teaching High Fitness at various locations in Davis County. She learned about the High Fitness program years earlier through a friend and immediately fell in love with the classes and everything that the company promoted and represented. Jill has always been an avid fan of exercise - usually through running long distances as well as aerobics. She has years of experience taking dance growing up as well as gymnastics. She was on the drill team in high school as well as a cheerleader for 2 years. Her true passion as a child through adulthood was playing soccer and she played on coed teams both indoor and outdoor in college. She also loved the theater and performed in many musicals as singing and music were also a huge part of her life. Jill graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and is married to Mike Hirst. They have 8 beautiful children. Jill believes strongly in the importance of self-care - and the lack of it that is so easily found among women in today’s society. She has struggled with her own weight at various periods in her life and she feels passionate about helping women strengthen their own self-worth through exercise and proper nutrition. She has learned a great deal through years of studying nutrition, the importance of clean eating and of taking good care of yourself. Jill is in the process of getting her AFAA certification and would eventually like to get a license in nutrition. Jill is thrilled to be teaching High Fitness at Skills and excited for the future.