Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown has been teaching group fitness for over 19 years. He started teaching spin in September of 1998 after attending classes at a local gym to rehab after a bike crash. 5 years later he branched out to Les Mills and Body Pump. He's been with Skills for the last 5 years. Fitness is a passion and is part of his "real" 9-5 job at as well. He spends his weekends racing road and mountain bikes as well as racing triathlons and Xterra. 4 Trips to the US masters national cycling championships, and Pan Am Xterra Championships with top 10 finishes in both. Kyle also helps coach the Davis High mountain bike team and coaches masters cyclists. “I teach classes that I truly believe in, if I wouldn't do it myself I wouldn't teach it. I love teaching group fitness and helping people to be fit, healthy, happy.”