Marci Hartvigsen

Marci Hartvigsen is a fitness instructor, dance teacher/director, and choreographer. She has been teaching Les Mills classes for over 10 years and in certified in Body Jam, Body Attack, Body Pump and CX Works. Her passion for fitness came from her passion for dance. She’s been dancing since the age of 3 and teaching since the age of 12. Marci taught for USA Dance/Drill Camps and directed state drill champion teams. She is currently one of the Artistic Directors at L2D studio in Kaysville where she over see their company teams along with over 300 competition students and over 400 performance students. She works with many of the dancers and choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance as well as many other top choreographers and dancers currently working in L.A. and New York. The dancers and groups she has taught and worked with have gone on to dance collegiately and pre professionally. Her choreography and teams have placed nationally, taken state Drill team placements, and top awards at various local and national competitions. Marci also is currently one of the advisors to Farmington Jr High’s Dance company which she developed this year. She is passionate about helping participants and her students develop their best selves while enjoying the process! She is a strong, dynamic and entertaining instructor that Skills is lucky to have!! Marci is married to Ryan, the mother of three, loves caramel, Market Street and shopping!